De Winkel

Welkom bij Latte’s and Literature, alweer 10 jaar hét adres in Breda voor iedereen die zich graag elke keer weer laat verrassen door ons aanbod aan Engelstalige boeken.

In onze winkel in Breda vind je alle diverse genres terug, waaronder uiteraard klassieke en hedendaagse literatuur, spanning, non-fictie, science fiction, fantasy, kinderboeken, young adult, lesboeken, cadeauboeken, reisboeken, reisverhalen, graphic novels, comics en manga.

Kom langs, snuffel rond en geniet van een van de heerlijke koffies, cheesecakes en vers bereidde sandwiches.

Naast klassiekers en bestsellers wijzen we je graag de onbekende(re) pareltje. Vertel ons je favorieten en laat je verrassen door ons advies!

Latte's VVV

We got pretty Little Mermaids singing Deep in the Zee in our store.

This edition has been beautifully illustrated by MinaLima and it's amazing how well it goes with Peter Pan, The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast. If only they would release a similar edition of The Secret Garden...oh hey, what do you know...The Secret Garden will come out in September of this year. Collect'em all!

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When you drop by the store in these next couple of we don't know quite how long you'll be faced with a number of clipboards with a menu on plain white paper. Do not be alarmed! We are merely in an experimental phase and have not quite figured out what we want just yet.

Worth mentioning is we now use the very delicious bread from Echt Brood, get our fresh vegetables and fruit at WOUT Groenten en Fruit speciaalzaak and swing by Kwaliteitsslagerij Graumans for their prime ham and jamon Serrano.

I'll be honest...I'm not just doing it for you...the quality of their products is just sooooo much better than from a random supermarket (although supermarkets do have good toilet paper) also helps keeping me in shape and I still will not have aged a day ten years from now!

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Our old gift certificates were a little haggard looking after 10 years and due for retirement. As of today they have been replaced by prettier smashing looking younger models.

Now I know what some of you may be thinking but let me stop you right there...even though 10 years have gone by, we don't even look one day older and so we will not be replaced by younger models. We're hip...we're with it!

Here's to another decade of Latte's and Literature!

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Another couple of years have gone by and the powers that be thought we were due for another 3 minutes of fame...on our 10-year anniversary no less!

Tomorrow we'll be on Omroep Brabant at 11:40 in the morning for a small interview on the radio and TV and we get to put in a request for a song. If you want to know which record we're going to pollute the airwaves with or if you get great joy out of hearing me stumbling through an interview then be sure to tune in to Omroep Brabant tomorrow!

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