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Welkom bij Latte’s and Literature, alweer 10 jaar hét adres in Breda voor iedereen die zich graag elke keer weer laat verrassen door ons aanbod aan Engelstalige boeken.

In onze winkel in Breda vind je alle diverse genres terug, waaronder uiteraard klassieke en hedendaagse literatuur, spanning, non-fictie, science fiction, fantasy, kinderboeken, young adult, lesboeken, cadeauboeken, reisboeken, reisverhalen, graphic novels, comics en manga.

Kom langs, snuffel rond en geniet van een van de heerlijke koffies, cheesecakes en vers bereidde sandwiches.

Naast klassiekers en bestsellers wijzen we je graag de onbekende(re) pareltje. Vertel ons je favorieten en laat je verrassen door ons advies!

Latte's VVV

Sometimes there seems to come no end to the amount of books that are released's not sometimes...and it's not each year, month, week or even's just a continuous flowing river of new releases AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE! Well...not alone we aren't!

We need reinforcements on the front line...cannon fodder....brave souls that go out there to find out if it's safe to read this book or should we duck and move and read another book. If I had a picture of an uncle Sam poster then I'd put it up here...instead I've chosen to go with Bill Murray.

If you love to read YA, literary fiction or sci/fi-fantasy and love to write about the books you read, or blog if you will, then we want you. Throw us an E-mail, a message or an app and we'll be in touch with you. We're looking for three daredevils that do not just read the new John Green, Ian McEwan or George R.R. Martin and be done with it. We want you to move into uncharted territory of unknown and/or debut authors to let the us and the world know in which book to plan our next long weekend.

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It could be howdy doody time indeed when you partake in our monthly raffle! When you order a book at Latte's feel free to drop your order slip in the special raffle box, which Cindy designed in like under 3 minutes (the quickest design for a raffle box everrrrr), when you come to collect your book.

We'll draw a name from the pile we have gathered each month and you'll have a chance to win one of our pretty gift certificates with a value that matches your order up to a maximum of 30 dineros. We had to draw the line somewhere.

Please note that ordering books at Latte's does not cost you any extra money, blood or body parts. Books come in every day and if it's in print, we can get it for you, even if the title is something like "Punching Tom Hanks: Dropkicking Gorillas and Pummeling Zombified Ex-Presidents---A Guide to Beating Up Anything"...oh wait...we actually have that in stock.

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After a decade it was about time for a new REALLY wasn't but $*%!@* iTunes deemed it so as it decided to erase 80 gigs of music when I only wanted to add 1 song...and no...I did not forget to disable the synchronize option.

We're starting with a clean slate so feel free to share your musical preferences and we'll see if it has that Latte's and Literature vibe. I've decided to go old school and put A Tribe Called Quest on the playlist. Can I kick it?

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Do we really need a reimagining of The Little Mermaid? We definitely do if it has been done by none other than Louise O' Neill who some of you may know from the riveting Only Ever Yours and Asking for It. ...

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3 weeks ago

Latte's and Literature
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