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Bent u op zoek naar een goede en leuke selectie aan engelse boeken in Breda?….. dan bent u hier aan het goede adres! De winkel richt zich op engelstalige boeken in diverse genres waaronder literatuur, spanning, non-fictie, science fiction, fantasy, kinderboeken, young adult, cadeauboeken, reisboeken, comics en manga.

Latte's VVV

Here's a quick and easy way to put up Nifty bookshelves in every room in the house, including the little room. I know what I'll be doing this weekend! ...

Levitating Bookshelf 📚 Full instructions:

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I'm back from a 2-book vacation and it was fantastic!

Ronald Malfi's latest, "The Night Parade", felt like sipping a fine single malt whisky. To quote from a Brad Paisley song, "The Night Parade" was "Smooth with a kick, a chill and a burn all at the same time". Ever since reading "Snow" 6 years ago, Malfi has easily become my favorite author next to Joe Lansdale and he never disappoints. "The Night Parade" is certainly no exception. In fact, I found myself so invested in the main character David Arlen that when I started my next book I still thought the main character's name was David. 20 pages into the new book I came across the name Jason and I thought to myself: Who is this Jason guy and what happened to David? Favorite scene has to be the ice cream truck, which was creepy as hell and had me pulling up the covers a little farther.

Blake Crouch's "Dark Matter" took me on a spectacular ride through the multiverse. From the first page onward I was rocketed towards the end without letting up on the action, and to me, this book is the very definition of a rollercoaster ride. If you haven't already read his Wayward Pines trilogy then you'd do good to at least pick this one up before the inevitable movie comes out.

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Ain't that the truth! I've seen many people walk in here telling themselves they are only allowed to buy one book and they wind up getting three or even more! ...

True story? Tag a friend who is like this.

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The years just fly by. It seems like only yesterday that Marlon James, Novelist won the Man Booker Prize with his dazzling novel "A Brief History of Seven Killings". ...

Delighted to announce our Man Booker Prize 2016 longlist! Read more about the books here: #ManBooker2016 #FinestFiction

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I never thought the day would come when a book from the non-fiction department would take up a spot on the 'Ronald's favorites' shelf, but that day is finally here!

Caitlin Doughty's "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" is such a profound book and so incredibly interesting. The book caught my eye when it came in because of the subtitle "...and other lessons from the crematorium" and I'm glad I finally picked it up to read it because it truly was an eye-opening experience for me and changed my perspective on cremation, burial, and death.

I must all sound pretty morbid and depressing but I encourage everybody to read this book and then you'll know what I'm talking about because this book may be a lot of things but depressing it is most certainly not. It made me go from chuckling to laughing out loud to 'huh...I didn't know that' and 'Really?' and finally to 'Wow...what an utterly fascinating read!'.

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