De Winkel

Welkom bij Latte’s and Literature, alweer 10 jaar hét adres in Breda voor iedereen die zich graag elke keer weer laat verrassen door ons aanbod aan Engelstalige boeken.

In onze winkel in Breda vind je alle diverse genres terug, waaronder uiteraard klassieke en hedendaagse literatuur, spanning, non-fictie, science fiction, fantasy, kinderboeken, young adult, lesboeken, cadeauboeken, reisboeken, reisverhalen, graphic novels, comics en manga.

Kom langs, snuffel rond en geniet van een van de heerlijke koffies, cheesecakes en vers bereidde sandwiches.

Naast klassiekers en bestsellers wijzen we je graag de onbekende(re) pareltje. Vertel ons je favorieten en laat je verrassen door ons advies!

Latte's VVV

Tonight me and Cindy are heading down south to the beautiful Passa Porta bookstore and Meet the author: Kathy Mathys, everybody's favorite creative writing teacher, who'll be there to present her new book Verdwaaltijd, which Cindy is currently reading and tremendously enjoying!

Let's see if we can pick up a few pointers from a bigger bookstore and... by the way...does anybody know of a gezellig restaurant in downtown Brussels?

Hannah Jansen Morrison, hoofdredacteur van 'Livre' over 'Verdwaaltijd': " Kathy Mathys heeft de thema’s verdwalen en de impact van een landschap op een fascinerende manier uitgewerkt. Je blijft er lang over doordenken. Heel knap zo’n volwassen debuut." Joke Hermsen vult aan: "Alle personages in deze spannende, melancholische roman hebben iets verloren of kampen met een gevoel van gemis. Tijdens hun zoektocht naar liefde en vervulling nemen ze verrassende dwaalwegen." Op 16 februari presenteert Kathy haar boek in de Passa Portabookshop. Reserveer nu -->

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Before carnaval begins, which for some of you may feel like an extinction level event, we thought it only fitting to leave you with a some spectacular new editions of three classic dystopian big shots.

Aldous Huxley's Brave New World to the left, Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale on the right and George Orwell's 1984 is stuck in the middle with you!

We'll be here until 4 PM today and then we're off to the parades and won't be back until Wednesday!

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Getting the perfect gift for your valentine can prove to be a challenge on any day of the year, let alone on Valentine's Day. you can see...I've got my present all wrapped and ready to go! I know what you're thinking...what book could Cindy possible want if she has a book store? Feel free to guess away but it'll have to stay my little secret for now. Swing by if you need help from a romantic specialist such as little ol' moi! My credentials are watching When Harry Met Sally, Casablanca and Sixteen Candles at least once a year.

We've noticed over the years many of our customers loathe Carnaval and will avoid the city like the plague during those days, which is perfect because we are all about the Carnaval. Therefore, as we have done pretty much every year for the last decade, we will close our doors this Friday at 4 PM and will remain closed all through Tuesday, February 13th, which still gives you February 14th to score a last-minute gift for the love of your life.

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Wow! A fresh shipment of David Rio Chai & Tea chai tea...with a new type of chai! I've heard through the grapevine, and will find out myself in about 30 seconds, the Power Chai Espresso is a match made in heaven! ...

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Speaking of pretty covers...take a look-see! The sequel to Katherine Arden's The Bear and the Nightingale, probably Cindy's book of the year for 2017, The Girl in the Tower, just dropped in our laps! ...

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