De Winkel

In onze winkel in Breda vind je Engelstalige boeken in diverse genres waaronder literatuur, spanning, non-fictie, science fiction, fantasy, kinderboeken, young adult, lesboeken, cadeauboeken, reisboeken, reisverhalen, graphic novels, comics en manga.

Kom langs, snuffel rond en geniet van een van de heerlijke koffies, cheesecakes en vers bereidde sandwiches. Even tijd voor jezelf!

Naast klassiekers en bestsellers wijzen we je graag de onbekende(re) pareltje. Vertel ons je favorieten en laat je verrassen!

Latte's VVV

That's it! I'm calling it! Christopher Buehlman's "The Suicide Motor Club" is my book of the year for 2016!

This book is off the scales when it comes to the writing, the characters, the story, just.... the entire vibe it gives off and for some reason it put me in the mood for some Quentin Tarantino soundtracks. As a matter of fact...I think if you enjoyed "Death Proof" and "From Dusk Till Dawn" you REALLY REALLY need this book! Since Halloween is right around the corner picking up "The Suicide Motor Club" is a no-brainer.

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This may come out as a total disaster but at least we'll always have this picture to remember the apple-pecan cheesecake by.

In the oven you go pretty autumn cheesecake...and see you in a few!

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I'm the last one that's going to tell you where to do your shopping but this sign is just too awesome...and too real! ...

I love this!

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